Benefits of training your dog

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August 8, 2017
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Benefits of training your dog

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Getting a dog is an exciting time for every home and family. There’s great anticipation in getting to know the new addition and creating unforgettable memories. An essentail part to creating a strong relationship with your dog is to spend time with them and teach them how you will communicate with them. There is no better way to create a bond with your dog than by setting time aside every day to do training. Training your dog effectively has several benefits which will be highlighted in this blog.

  1. For me the most important and best reason to train your dog is to create a relationship with them. By doing so you can improve your emotional and psychological wellbeing. Studies have shown people with pets are less likely to be lonely or depressed. Bonding with your dog creates a better-behaved dog that will be less stressful for the household and walks.
  2. Dogs are highly intelligent and training provides them with the necessary mental stimulation to challenge them making them happier and healthier.
  3. Most people think they need to take their dog for a long walk to tire them out. Training in the comfort of your home can however, occasionally substitute for a wet and cold walk. The brain is a muscle that controls the body, so a tired brain makes for a tired dog!
  4. Training your dog has shown to improve their intelligence and memory. This in turn improves their ability to understand commands and have better obedience.
  5. As a final point, you and your dog will be together for many years so to have the best possible relationship, training is essential for an easier and happier life for everyone in the household!

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